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  • Phiskal - 4 channels, 100% reach
  • Phiskal Social Network Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, google+
  • Phiskal Local Marketing using local sites
  • Phiskal Search engines. Including Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Phiskal SMS / Text Marketing
  • Free website with every package

Online Marketing - SEO, Social Networks, Local Marketing & SMS!

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & More...

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  • 4 Channels, 100% Reach
  • Social Networks
    With our managed Social Network marketing, Phiskal ensures daily posts with ultra optimized links.
  • Local Marketing
    Local marketing is critical for most businesses. Phiskal links your business to the sites most used by local clients.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Phiskal promotes your site to the top three search engine pages. Google, Yahoo & Bing handle 96% of all searches.
  • SMS / Text Marketing
    Providing an exclusive short code and keyword for your business, clients can receive coupons, appointment notifications, time sensitive event information and more. Build your database of clients and keep in touch.
  • FREE Website
    Every client receives a 5 page hyper optimized website. This does not replace your regular site but enhances it's reach.
  • Channels & Methods

Marketing Re-Imagined!

Phiskal uses it's proprietary marketing engine to market your business with postings and link creation to the top three search engine every month. Each day, we build your presence online by submitting to local sources frequented by your potential customers. In addition, we post daily to the top social networking sites gaining followers and likes for your posting with your vital keywords. With SMS Text, marketing you can retain customers and create word of mouth marketing for your business. Each channel is critical to a complete online marketing strategy and gives you the marketing prowess of multinational companies. Our staff has many years experience working with such marketing giants as Ebay and Google. Now you can be a part of this successful marketing strategy, so call us today:

(210) 865 4520

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Get a FREE assessment of your online marketing. We'll show you how you can improve your search Engine Optimization and how you can use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to get more customers. Ask Us How!


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Your Online Marketing Partner

As a small business, you have time constraints and budget restrictions. At Phiskal, we provide complete marketing packages that are geared towards your needs and presented at a price that respects your budget. In addition, we offer additional services such as website development and marketing consultations so you can build an effective market presence. Financing is available, just ask!

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Online marketing is an important element of any business marketing strategy

  • Questions Business Owners Ask
  • How can I attract more customers?
    Online marketing is the key to improving your profile and getting satisfied customers to review your services and recommend you to others.
  • How do I promote my business online?
    Using the available options involves optimizing your website for Search engines (SEO), using social networks to get your message out and providing offers and pricing that will attract local customers.
  • What is SEO and how can it help me?
    Search engine optimization clarifies to the search engines what your business is about and what keywords in their searches are relevant to you.
  • How can I use Social Networking for my business?
    Social networks are communities that give you the opportunity to advertise your business locally or nationally and ask people to visit your site.
  • How do I market my business locally?
    There are many local websites that people visit to find out about businesses near wher they live and work. Your business should a part of the listings and reviews available to them.
  • How does SMS Text marketing work?
    SMS text marketing encourages customers to stay in touch so that they can receive special offers and be kept informed of events and holiday specials.
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Phiskal - Special Offers

Our sales department creates special offers from time to time. These offers are created to give you increased value for your money. We realize that when you most need marketing it is because your income is dwindling. This is the time when you need maximum marketing exposure for minimum cost. Remember, businesses that cut their marketing as one of the first casualties of reduced income are bound to experience a downward spiral. When you sales are down is when you most need to focus efforts on your exposure and especially your online exposure.
Imagine this: Your online exposure pays no rent (except hosting), employs no staff and does not have to worry about keeping the lights on 24/7. Your online presence however can bring you the customers you need increasing your profit margins and reaching out to potential customers that may not be within driving reach.

Offers are designed to help you select the package that best matches your financial situation. Online marketing in any form is a project that takes time to yield results. Expectations of results in 30 days are exaggerated. Effective marketing efforts take several months and will continue to yield customers if continued. Our offers provide for discounts and extra months of marketing that will help stablize your customer acquisition efforts for an extended period of time.
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Phiskal University

Learn about the Internet and Marketing from the experts We take our position in the business community seriously. We realize that as much as the influence of the internet is everywhere and we all use computers, there is a hole in the knowledge of most people as to how the internet functions and how they can use the internet to market their business. A part of every business owners responsibility is to know what tools are out there to help them acquire customers.
Phiskal provides seminars designed to educate and inform business owners and young entrepreneurs about the internet and marketing methods.
We realize that most entrepreneurs will have little time to actually execute their marketing plans personally but a knowledge of what they are contracting to have done for their business is a useful edge to have. Contact us to find out about our next set of classes and how we can tailor personal lessons to meet your needs.
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