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Business Consultants

Our consultants help you with reaizing your business goals, establishing your marketing systems, optimizing your sales, tracking your income and profits, maximizing your operations and customer support.

Development Consultants

We are custom software development partners with many enterprise organizations. We design, develop, implement, and launch mobile, web, cloud, and backend applications. Our technology solutions are built to support you.

Marketing Consultants

Supporting goals to expand your business, maintain momentum or accelerate growth, our marketing consultation, will create a marketing strategy that supports your business model. Specializing in social media marketing, campaign management, lead generation, and online marketing we are your marketing partner.

Professional Coaching

Our coaching methods use the latest in teaching/learning technology. We teach your staff how to better their in all aspects that influence your business and to use the knowledge we make available to optimize your company footprint through every channel available.

City, State & Federal

Before policies are put in place within any governmental organization, research and information gathering efforts are an essential core principle. We are experts in supporting data driven decision making.

International Marketing into the United States

The United States has some very unique market characteristics. The challenge for non-US organizations looking to market products and services is a very profound learning curve. Our consultants offer fundamental insight into exposure and sales success.

Brand Consulting

Our experts specialize in memory stamping your identity, creative ideas and innovative solutions. Whether we are revamping an existing identity or exercising a comprehensive strategic brand exercise, our goal is to help our clients craft brands that stand out and instantly identify their mission.

Market Analysis

Our consultants provide a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative assessment of a market. We provide scrutiny of the market both in volume and in value, the various customer segments and buying patterns, the competition, and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulation.

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Industry Interactions

Vehicle Marketing in Developing Markets

During the implementation phase of a new vehicle design for the Indian subcontinent, Phiskal marketing consultants were contracted to design a preliminary marketing campaign. Using cultural and demographic segmentation data a structurally comprehensive campaign was designed with scope that included naming the model, selecting colors thru defining ad content and channel heirarchy.


A major re-envisioning of the check-in process for a top 10 hotel brand utilized the experience and knowledge of Phiskal development consultants in incorporating customer service and amenities management for visitors. In partnership with brand experts soft booking structures were developed to improve the resource provisions for business timetables for properties globally.


Phiskal software consultants working for the health insurance industry have managed projects to optimize interfaces for physicians and patients. These projects have been key in interlacing service requests with approvals processing and scheduling, thus optimizing the efficacy of provider resources.

Online Auction

The essential brief for our consultants, while engaged by an industry leader in the online auction space, was to provide critical marketing protocols that could be followed by client listing vehicles on their site. These protocols would also be expected to provide real time updates to the auction process.

Business & Professional Associations

Engaged by various Chambers of Commerce and professional membership organizations, Phiskal marketing consultants have been tasked with increasing membership. Our consultants specialize in providing coaching to staff on the use of methodologies and tools to increase demographic targeting to meet and exceed recruitment goals for the organization.

Software Development

Phiskal consultants have many years of experience in software development. Our experience extends to systems that include the hospitality industry, global shipping control systems and real time update systems for flight controls. We work with a range of hardware, software and channels. Ask us how we can help with your system requirements.


At Phiskal, we have worked with a number of cities across various states to advise on their marketing techniques and channels. Our marketing experts offer special knowledge of targeting the United States and European markets on behalf of tourist boards for global cities and states.

International Commerce

Commercial and governmental organizations anywhere in the world can use our expertize to access American and European markets. Our consultants offer many years of experience in identifying demographics, segmentation techniques, channel optimization and campaign design to take your products and services to market.

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Consulting Clients

Vehicle marketing schema.

Campaign design and marketing for a vehicle in a developing market.

Ford Motor Vehicles- Small Car Marketing Campaign

Software Development

Optimized development of customer service interface software utilized internationally.

Marriott Hotels- Marriott Rewards

Channel Optimization

Maximization of exposure to a narrow demographic within a generalized auction concept.

Ebay- Ebay Motors Campaign

User Interface Design

Interface research and development using knowledge based design processes.

Microsoft- User Interface Automation

Target Demographic Optimization

Provision of interfaces to best serve a subset of a recruited member base.

State Bar of Texas- Minority Affairs Interface

International Market Penetration

Cross cultural marketing with appeal on multiple levels of the tourism industry.

San Antonio Visitors Bureau- Asian Markets Campaign

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Exploring business in the United States.

Consultants to commercial and governmental organizations exploring the American market.

Exploring the possibility of expanding your business to the American market involves a complex manipulation of your current marketing techniques. Phiskal consultants can offer the advantage of utilizing our experience to design methods and campaigns that will make the transition more fluid.

Marketing campaigns are typically referential both culturally and geographically. Knowledge of context and language familiarity within your campaign combined with structural organizational design of a campaign eliminates any bias within the target demographic that will work against your offering.

Areas of Specialization include:

  • Online campaigns.
  • Print and emerging media.
  • Sales & Customer Service Structuring.
  • Departmental coaching and resourcing

Success in the American market is a function of understanding the culture and character of your target demographic. Phiskal consultants offer insights that are acquired from many years of experience.

Phiskal consultants offer key skill sets that enhance your current human capital resources:

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Knowledge based demographic segmentation
  • Geographic cultural distribution
  • Ethno-centric targeting
  • Historically referential design
  • Population distribution targeting
Phiskal consulting is not a "one size fits all" service. Our consultants analyse your campaign requirements as well as your coaching needs and design an approach that best serves your needs. The cost of your campaign is similarly assessed.
Consultants travel to your location and prepare specific coaching sessions for your staff. This also gives our consultants the opportunity to fully understand your organization and the products/services that you offer.

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